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Don`t be afraid to downsize!
Don’t be afraid to downsize!!

We all know that size can matter. Well, to a lot of people anyway! I never had that problem when it came to motorcycles. I found smaller bikes more fun to ride, and more fun to race. As well, being an idiot disguised as an adult, big bikes and big power always had the potential to put me in my own harm’s way. Sad but true, the right wrist isn’t always connected to the brain as much as it should be.

Another factor that can change things is a shift in you’re riding territory/age/physical abilities. I think your motorcycle should represent most of your riding, not a once a year trip. As well, depending upon your bike, riding style or natural abilities, that 750cc bike that was so easy 12 years ago is not the same bike to you today! You adjust for many things in life, and your favorite ride shouldn’t be excluded. Heavy becomes heavier.
Stop!! Some of you bought bikes that were too big in the first place! Instead of giving up, dropping the bike enough to give up (or ICBC tells you to give up!), or just avoiding riding due to lack of confidence, switch gears by switching bikes. A 600cc sport bike seemed like a good idea at the time (or bad advice), but a 500 twin would have been so much more fun in the real world. And more comfortable in stop-and-go traffic. Easier, cheaper, bigger smiles……..

You probably know it well, but let’s refresh ;-) A smaller bike is usually cheaper to own. Insurance is cheaper if nothing else. Tires are generally cheaper. Tune-ups as well. They are easier to handle, especially when things go sideways. Better still, they are much easier to flick around, in and out, toss around, etc. Lighter bikes generally brake easier. Let’s tie that into the fact that as time goes by, your licence gets more important as time goes by. And let’s face it, all the reasons why small easy-to-ride bikes were the hot ticket to good times when you started apply the same way as your skills slow down a bit with grace and age. Okay, I’m still waiting for the grace ;-)

My current favorite bikes are the new crop of 500 and 650 twins. After 35 years of riding, my 650 VStrom will be all I need to have a great day of riding tomorrow!

Cheers, smiles for miles.
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