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Motorcycle Ride Routes
Not quite the "Long Way Round", but check out this link that shows some suggested circular riding routes in BC.

I'm thinking of doing one of the smaller routes this coming summer over 4-5 days.
A few nice ideas for some longer trips there.

Thanks for the share.
Nice! :!:
So, what's the story everyone?
Another year of dodging cars up the Sea to Sky, or do you have any better ideas?
What will you change this year?

Suggestions Big Grin
Pack a lunch so you can stop at eat at a place that is somewhat quiet, with a view.
Spend a few bucks, and stay overnight in Kamloops, Cache Creek, Osoyoos or Kelowna.
If you do the Duffey Lake circle route, leave on time, so you can rest at the awesome scenic spots and be home before you lose the sun.
Make sure your bike is good to go all day, and that you are too (PACK WATER!).
Think about dipping into the States for a day or 2, I hear there's plenty of great roads.
Try some real places to eat, like the Italian place near the end of the Sunshine Coast.
Victoria for the night!!
The worst part is getting out of the Lower Mainland. Once you have that freedom, love it up :mrgreen:
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A little ride I like for a Friday. I start and end in North Vancouver, but I started and ended it at PRS for the purposes of the route, though I don't know that the to/from the border and PRS is the best way.

There are a few side roads that you can take along the way, one good one is Silver Lake Road if you ride east from Kendall to Maple Falls to access it when riding North.

Places to eat along the way

Fairhaven has lots of good places to eat, and the bookstore is a nice place to explore

Along Chuckanut Drive
- The Oyster Bar (higher end but very good)
- The Oyster Creek Inn (just before the hairpin, also not inexpensive, but excellent food)

- The Longhorn Saloon (the Breadpharm Chicken Club is excellent! and there are tables in the sun out back)
- Tweets (Excellent food, but short hours)
- Rhododendron Cafe (Excellent food)

Highway 9
- The Blue Mountain Grill (decent food and reasonable prices)

Enjoy :)
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