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Parking on a hill
Sorry if this has been answered before but a search on my phone's browser didn't net any results. Is there a safe way to park a bike facing downhill? On a slight uphill I can back it in and rest the rear tyre against the curb (assuming there is one) but with the wheel turned to the left for maximum stability on the kickstand I don't see how to safely park when facing downhill?

Here's the 2 general rules for parking on a hill, regardless of which side of the street you are on.
  • 1) The kickstand is always on the side of the down hill slope
    2) The motorcycle is always pointed up hill

So, what are your choices? Park facing oncoming traffic and risk receiving a ticket (rare, but possible), or park somewhere else. Smile

*Also moved topic to "Tips and Tricks". Smile
Beauty - thanks Brose. I'll bear those two rules in mind. :) I had assumed that parking facing the wrong way on the road would likely result in a ticket (they don't mind in Europe but here in North America they seem pretty uptight about such things) and in many cities (especially on the coast) hill parking is just a fact of life. Finding somewhere flat to park in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland or San Francisco could necessitate a LOT of walking - but I suppose that's better than a dropped bike!

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