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Women's Jacket/Vest/Jeans and Men's Alpinestars Gloves
Hello fellow PRS alumni/students!

My wife and I just had our first child, so we're taking a few years break from riding.

Here's a link to all the stuff we're selling:

Men's Gear
- Alpinestars GP Plus Motorcycle Gloves Size Large

Women's Gear
- Icon Stryker Women's Motorcycle Protective Vest Size LG/XL
- Scorpion Exo Nip Tuck Women's Motorcycle Jacket Size L
- Resurgence Gear Ladies Armoured Motorcycle Jeans Size 16

Other stuff
- [SOLD] Alpinestars SMX Plus Motorcycle Boots Size 44
- [SOLD] Alpinestars GP-R Perf Leather Moto Jacket + Armour Size 42 US / 52 EU
- [SOLD] Shoei GT-Air Journey TC-2 Motorcycle Helmet Size Large
- [SOLD] Forma Simo Women's Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Size 39
- [SOLD] BMW City 2 Denim Trousers Unisex Motorcycle Pants Size L
- [SOLD] Arai Profile Riptide Motorcycle Helmet Size Small
- [SOLD] BMW City 2 Denim Trousers Unisex Motorcycle Pants Size M
- [SOLD] Noco Genius G1100 Battery Charger and Maintainer
- [SOLD] Cardo Scala Rider G9 Blutooth Motorcycle Communication System Dual Kit
- [SOLD] OGIO Motorcycle Waterproof Stealth Tail and Saddle Bags
- [SOLD] Gears Navigator Waterproof Motorcycle Tail Bag

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