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PAC Ride - Anacortes via Chuckanut Dr Fri Oct 28, 2016
Date: Friday Oct 28, 2016 Ride is A GO! (Stay up to date on this post)
Weather Permitting. Look for the GREEN message above.

For people with NEXUS:
Time: 11:45am, leaving 12:15pm
Meet 1: Pacific Riding School

For people without NEXUS, we meet in the USA, allow for border wait times!:
Broders can get busy on Fridays!
Time: 12:00pm, leaving 12:30pm
Meet 2: Chevron @ Blaine (568 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine, WA 98230, United States)

Destination 1: Anacortes for lunch via Chuckanut Drive via Birch Bay
Restaurant: We'll decide that day, welcome suggestions, email me!

Approximate Ride Time: 2 hour 17 min 1 direction! 60-75 Mins return on I-5

Map: Click here for Map

Please familiarize yourself with the route! (link above)

Come ride with your fellow PRS alumni for a nice easy cruise through the back roads of Washington.

As usual, we will meet, socialize, have a safety meeting, and break off into your own groups riding safely through Chuckanut Dr.

** Please refrain from e-mailing or calling the PRS line for inquiries. Direct your questions via email to me, or via this forum. **

You put June 17 on the date :-)
brianRIDE Wrote:You put June 17 on the date :-)
Fixed! Are you coming?
Cableguy Wrote:
brianRIDE Wrote:You put June 17 on the date :-)
Fixed! Are you coming?

I wish I can, heard this route is amazing

i Just put my bike away last week :-(

Its getting too cold to ride (i live in whistler)

You guys have fun, and ride safe!
see you at PRS friday, probably, just have to beg to get the day off or leave super early
In if it's dry
I'll be out for my first alumni ride. Haven't done a trip to the states yet so I'm looking forward to that!
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