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Cultus Lake Sunday April 24
WEATHER PERMITTING there will be a small group going for a ride to Cultus on Sunday Apr 24. We will be meeting at Tim Horton's at 152 and #10 Hwy in Surrey at 10:30 and leaving around 11. We will be going out 0 ave Vye Rd etc to get there. It will be a nice cruse so all skill levels are welcome to come.

Cheers, Rick.
Cant make it this week Sad
I will be there with my new R1 Yamaha.    
I'll be in for the ride
So there saying cloudy with rain late in the day. Are you still interested in going if it's like that?
Don't trust the weather so we're gonna postpone till the sun is in our favor!!

Sorry have to cancell out of ride had other plans I forgot about

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