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Duffey Loop 08/01/2015

Hey all, I will be doing the shorter of the Duffeys this long weekend and am welcoming all looking for adventure!

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When: Leaving Vancouver 9AM, August 1st, in the morning. Expected return 5-6 in the evening - dependent on pace. Lunch upon arrival in Lillooet.

Why: Because many of us need to put some mileage on our -10,000km beauties. And also it's a long weekend - go ride!

How: Bring fluids, gas money, cooling gear, a trusty steed, and a smart head. No one wants to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Pace: Whatever the group is comfortable with. Personally I will be going at the pace of the slowest rider and am not condoning "excessive" speeds.

Shoot me a message if you're up for the challenge. Regardless, have a wonderful long and sunny weekend!

Keep the shiny side up, rubber side down everyone!


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