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First PRS Ride 2015 - Harrison Hot Springs Sat Apr 25 *POSTPONED MAY 9*
Date: Saturday Apr 25th POSTPONED!! (Stay up to date on this post)
Weather Permitting. Look for the GREEN message above.

Time: 10:30am, leaving 11:00am
Meet: Burnaby Kawasaki (7771 Edmonds St, Burnaby)

Destination: Old Settler Pub (222 Cedar Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs)

Approximate Ride Time: 2.5 hours + time for lunch.

Scenic Route Via Mission Back Roads: Scenic Map

Please familiarize yourself with the route! (link above)

Come ride with your fellow PRS grads (and possibly some of the other PRS crew) for a nice easy cruise through the country side and stop for a nice lunch at the pub in Harrison Hot Springs.

We will have a quick briefing on the route, rules of the ride, and let you form your riding groups. Please bring lots of liquids and cash for lunch.

Because we need to inform the restaurant that we're coming, we need everyone to reply here so we can do a head count.
Please reply to this thread so we can get a sense of numbers.

** Please refrain from e-mailing or calling the PRS line for inquiries. Direct your questions via email to me, or via this forum. **

Oh yeah! And it leaves from BK?! Best WELCOME HOME ride ever.

I'm in.
Distance is measured in the amount of bugs I splatter on my visor...
Yeah!!!!!! I will be there.
I am in. This should be awesome!
I'm in!
Sounds like a plan. Count me in please.
I am in......
I am in thanks
Lets do it!
i am in
My bike is currently under repair. Sad

I'll be watching for details for the ride in May.
I am in. :o
i want in, count me in !!~~
Hi Ambrose,
How are you creating the ride maps ? Can it be in kml format that I can input into my gps ?
peterchin Wrote:Hi Ambrose,
How are you creating the ride maps ? Can it be in kml format that I can input into my gps ?
Google maps.. I don't even know what kml format is lol
im in... if i can wake up in time Wink

2013 Ninja 650 ABS
I am in, thanks!
Please stay tuned on the first post if this ride is a go or not... Weather is holding up, however we may cancel if Harrison is forecasting rain.

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