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FS: 2006 Suzuki SV650S $5600
Selling my much beloved 2006 Suzuki SV650 S model with the half fairings, it is a dark metallic gray colour with black frame/wheels... I am the second owner of this bike and have owned it for more than 2 years. I have only used Amsoil oil on it for oil changes with Suzuki filters... but as you probably know if you are looking, the SV650 is one of the most reliable bikes around... stone axe reliable V-Twin power, easy to ride, good ergonomics and it starts first start every single time, even the battery never dies out over the winter. This bike is one you never have to ask questions about whether it will get you home or will last a big trip with no problems -- it will. Simple as that. Consistently voted one of the best all around bikes and beloved by previous owners, newbies to motorcycles and even experienced riders... something for everyone... I am only selling it because I want the little thrill of an inline-4 for awhile... and assuming that doesn't kill me, I'll probably be back for more SV ownership action down the road. For now though... time to let go and let someone else enjoy her Smile

No modifications except for a Yoshimura RS-3 stainless steel exhaust... stock pipe is also included, but you don't want it. It sounds like a tractor with the stock pipe... with the Yoshi, it sounds like a beautiful symphony of throbbing and burbling.

This SV is *mint* you cannot tell the difference between my SV and a brand new one, the paint is full of lustre and I polish/wax it regularly... I am meticulous and the bike has never ever been dropped or down. Mileage is a mere 6,039km and about 5,000km of that was under my ownership so I've done almost all the riding on the bike.

Asking $5600 for this immaculate bike! Email me at cmcouat[at]

[Image: IMG_0306.jpg] [Image: IMG_0307.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0309.jpg]

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