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Fourth PRS Ride 2014 - Langley > Bernie's Track Walk Jul 27
Date: Sunday Jul 27 Ride is A GO! (Stay up to date on this post)
Weather Permitting. Look for the GREEN message above.

Time: 9:00am, leaving 9:30am
Meet: Pacific Riding School

Destination: Mission Raceways for Bernie's Track Walk

Approximate Ride Time: 1 hour 20 mins

Map: Click here for Map (No tolls!)

Please familiarize yourself with the route! (link above)

Come ride with your fellow PRS grads for a nice easy cruise through the back roads over to Mission Raceways.

Looking for responsible individuals to organize the group, and lead everyone safely to Mission.

** Please refrain from e-mailing or calling the PRS line for inquiries. Direct your questions via email to me, or via this forum. **

I'm in! Yamaha R1 will be there.
Cursed by offering to help someone NOT a BC'er thing to do, amirite? Maybe next time.

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