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Has anyone else added Highway 17 as part of their road trips? It makes for an enjoyable ride to get East of the Port Mann Bridge. And it's faster than Lougheed. Smile
Yea, love that road, all the way to the Ferries.
I drive that road every day on my way to work... nice road.. just look out for the boneheads that have decided it's their own personal Isle of Man race course!!
I was just on that road yesterday, fantastic. Lots of riders....

stupid back tire on my bike Sad
its great in my truck now to do it on the bike!
I know that the tendency for PRS Rides East Bound from Vancouver (BMW/Ducati) to Cultus Lake/Harrison Hot Springs/Hells Gate has been via Lougheed/Highway 7.

Would anybody be interested in taking a "scenic route" that still bypasses the Toll of Port Mann Bridge via Highway 17 to Highway 1?

For demonstration purposes, I selected a destination of Harrison Hot Springs, but it could be used for any Eastward destination for those not desiring to take a more leisurely ride.

The biggest delay will be making the Left turn (South) from East 12th Ave onto Knight St (Clark Dr), but so long as the lead bikes respect that fact and maintain City speed limits, the convoy should be able to catch up and move en mass to take the BC-91 E ramp to Delta/Surrey/BC-99/Alderbridge Way/Ferries/Seattle and then jump onto Highway 17 to get to Highway 1.

I would be willing to lead the Novice Riders - with the caveat that the least confident Rider be the first Rider immediately behind me. That way, I would regulate the speed of the convoy to whatever he or she feels comfortable riding at. This would ensure that none of the Novice Riders end up getting left behind.

But this would mean complete honesty by all Novice Riders in my Packet. I have found that I can only safely keep track of a maximum of 4 or 5 bikes behind me. So if it turns out that someone is riding slower at the end of my Packet, I may not necessarily be able to keep effective track of them.

If enough people believe the planned route below has enough merit, I can reconnoitre a safe rally point (or two) along the route (before Highway 1) so that we can pull over and juggle the Packet Order to re-position the slower/less confident Riders at the front. And that would ensure that everyone arrives at the Destination.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=",+3061+Grandview+Hwy,+Vancouver,+BC+V5M+2E4&daddr=49.1774429,-123.084997+to:49.1664114,-123.0867366+to:Harrison+Hot+Springs,+BC&hl=en&sll=58.904646,-70.048828&sspn=38.922912,135.263672&geocode=FZGf7wIdT5Cq-Clx2FImzHaGVDF0UKruDfVqXA%3BFWJj7gIdO9-p-Cm3HtQ1cnWGVDG7VdtFZU-KGA%3BFUs47gIdcNip-CnV4o5aZnWGVDH65wA-So5eIA%3BFa1C8AIdHLS9-Ck9grZX8xGEVDFOEDQWNNPVKQ&mra=ls&via=1,2&t=m&z=10"> ... 2&t=m&z=10</a><!-- m -->
Johnny.Bonecracker Wrote:[color=#0000FF]jump onto Highway 17 to get to Highway 1.
I definitely like the new Highway 17, and it's a great ride from the Richmond side into Richmond, and a great alternative to get to Highway 1.
As for the rides, our preference of not taking Hwy1 to get out to anywhere east is because it's all straight, and all highway. Hwy1 after Hope, would be awesome.

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