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Somehow I lost my e-mails from my gmail account
If anyone e-mailed me from gmail I didn,t reply because my e-mails are lost again, I,m only going to use my hotmail now I,m done with stupid gmail and google account nothing but hassles there. On a new topic anyone riding tomorow, on Tuesday the 16 th.If so I can send my hotmail address as that is always ok.

Hi Joy,
You should also update your email address for your account here, so people can contact you.

Also, if your gmail/google is compromised, something/somewhere your password was taken. You should take steps to change/update your passwords, and investigate where it was compromised.
To Cableguy I did change the password but I don,t think it was comprimised i just think it,s google it,s a pain in the derrierre lol. So I changed my password but I don,t think I,ll use it anymore. So if peeps want to ride my e-mail is <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.


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