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June 22-Ride for the fallen
Hi, im a rider from surrey and I was wondering if anyone wanted to travel in a group to attend the ride for the fallen event. We can travel together to the event and throughout the whole event if so. Its always more fun to ride with a group right? So if anyone would like go as group, please let me know. Since the ride starts at 10:30am, I was thinking we could meet up at scott road at 96 avenue at the Shell gas station at around 9:10am. All riders are welcome new and experienced. Hopefully the weather turns out good. Ride safe Everyone. Later Days
In case you're wondering, Zen's referring to this ride:

Quote:On Saturday, June 22nd, there's the 3rd CAV Ride for the Fallen. It starts at Trev Deeley HD on Boundary, and ends at Western Powersports, where we will have a BBQ and some special guests. All proceeds go to the Honour House Society

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