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Update//Iron Butt - Reverse Duffey Via the Big Loop
Vancouver >> Hope >>Princeton>>Merrit>>Kamloops>>>Lytton>>Lillooet>>>Pemberton>Whistler>>Vancouver.

Departure - 6:30 AM from North Shore.
Arrival 8PM
Distance 825KM
Riding time estimated at 12 hours.

Shayner Wrote:Vancouver - Whistler - Pemberton - Lillooet - Lytton - Hope - Vancouver.

Looking at the map this looks like a 566KM run.

Not looking to rip it up, rather a safe ride. Weather forecast is straight sun.

Thought is to meet at Park Royal Mall early Saturday. Several strategic breaks as noted in the detail below. Any interest? Or am I the only crazy who likes to spend a full day on his bike in the sun?

Johnny Bonecracker posted this itinerary in July - looks good to me, except meet at Park Royal McDonald's (bottom of Taylor Way) .

Aw, damn...

I would love to do this ride but I've been having recent shoulder problems that have limited my riding.

I think I slept on my left shoulder awkwardly after spending a lot of time carrying and cradling my 12-week old niece over the last few days. Now it's tender and I have reduced range of motion.

And from what I've heard of the switchbacks between Pemberton and Lillooet, I don't feel comfortable with the idea of riding that stretch until my shoulder has had a chane to heal somewhat.

Let me know how it goes. And if you've ridden in both directions, let me know which direction you prefer, and why... preferably over technical merit rather than traffic flow on the highway during the evening when you should be completing the ride.
Left my house at 6:30 AM today and hit the Upper Levels at 7. Arrived in Hope at 8:10 AM, a touch of gas, stretch and off to Princeton. Refuel, then 5A to Merritt arriving at 11:15. That highway is by far the nicest run I've seen so far in this province, just amazing! Lakes, valleys, rolling hills, twists and turns, wild flowers, just awesome. Stopped at the pub for early lunch in Merritt then off to 5 up the Coq toward Kamloops turning off west bound to Ashcroft.

Straight shot to Cache Creek (hotter than hell!!) Refuel - waters - then saddle up and north toward Lytton and Lillooet - then the 99 south Duffey Lake. Stop at Duffey to enjoy the Lake, then off to Pemberton for a fuel top off, then Whistler and home. Home by 6:30 in time for a shower and dinner. **885KM for thsi ride. True Iron But! I suggest the Air Hawk Seat - worked great. Great ride!!!

[Image: DSC00335.jpg]

[Image: DSC00339.jpg]

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