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5th 2011 PRS Ride to Horseshoe Bay & more Sat Oct 1 11:30am
Date: Saturday, Oct 1stRide is a GO! (Stay up to date on this post)
Weather Permitting. Look for the GREEN message above.
Hosted by Chris and Kramer!

Time: 11:30am, leaving 12:00pm sharp!
Meet: Pacific Riding School

Destination: Horseshoe Bay - Meet point will be announced at PRS. We're shooting for Troll's, but they've been pretty busy lately, so the ride might extend to Squamish.

Approximate Ride Time: 2 hours (or 2.5) + time for lunch.

Route: Route Map

Please familiarize yourself with the route! (link above)

Come ride with your fellow PRS grads (and possibly some of the other PRS crew) for a nice easy cruise through the country side and stop for a nice lunch.

We will have a quick briefing on the route, rules of the ride, possibly split up into different teams of 5 and assign leaders. Please bring lots of liquids and cash for lunch.

Because we need to inform the restaurant that we're coming, we need everyone to reply here so we can do a head count.
Please reply to this thread so we can get a sense of numbers.

** Please refrain from e-mailing or calling the PRS line for inquries. Direct your questions via email to me, or via this forum. **

I'm in, obviously.
Distance is measured in the amount of bugs I splatter on my visor...
I'm in.

Now everyone think sunny thoughts and hope the weather is good that day...
I'm in +1
The wife is out of town that day so I am in for sure.
In + 1.
In +1
i'm in with 1 or 2 friends.
I am in.
Im in on my FZ6R + 1
"4 Wheels Move the body......2 Wheels Move the Soul"

<3 Zoom Zoom <3
I'm in +1 other if the weather is good
count me in too if the weather is good.. if not then i won't be coming!! Fingers crossed for nice weather! can't wait!! Big Grin me + 2
I'm in, maybe +1.... Hope the weather cooperates!
I'm in.
Trying to make it with wife if I can get back into town in time.
It's just foggy and cloudy at the moment... so ride's still a go.

Nothing wrong with a few sprinkles! Tongue

Dress appropriately. See y'all at the shop (but I'll be working)!
Here's the ride video from this ride:

I wish my camera battery didn't die so early, I should of charged it the night before Smile AND I wish I had more camera angles, I'm looking into getting more cameras...
Distance is measured in the amount of bugs I splatter on my visor...

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