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Sat/Sun Aug 13/14th - who's riding?!
Finally free (sorta) after Saturday 12pm... who's riding?! And where? 1 day? Over night?
Post up!
I'll ride, I can do an afternoon ride on Saturday cause I have a BBQ to go to in the afternoon.

However I'm off on Friday and Sunday and have no plans yet, count me in. Maybe Sunday we can do a day ride?!
Distance is measured in the amount of bugs I splatter on my visor...
Current plans now are maybe ride to Cultus on Sat.. and I'll probably be spending the night there... so you are welcomed to accompany us out there, and I'll take you out to the backroads @ Cultus....
I've been riding my new-to-me 2003 Suzuki GS500 every afternoon/evening since I took possession of her this past Sunday.

Friday, I'm heading down to the Smokey Point Cycle Barn in Marysville, WA to install all the aftermarket parts I'd ordered her and hope to get back to Vancouver in the evening to go to the Night Market with a friend.

My Saturday and Sunday are currently free and I'd love to head out to the Chilliwack/Cultus Lake area... any excuse to stop by the Airport Coffee Shop to get some pie. =3
I'm working till 11:30am @ PRS on Saturday, then heading home to pick up my luggage (Burnaby).

Where'd you like to meet?
@ PRS (but you'll have to track all the way back to Burnaby and wait... )
@ Chevron on Kingsway & Gilley?
Sorry Brose, I'm going to have to withdraw from Saturday's ride to Cultus Lake.

My day trip down to Marysville (around 360km round trip) was more fatiguing than I anticipated.

I think I will be taking Saturday off as a recovery day... I have put on approximately 700km onto my bike since I took possession of it last Sunday, with approximately half of those kilometres on Friday alone. As far as I'm concerned, this qualifies as my first Monkey Butt ride. LOL

On top of that, my knees are sore from being bent in riding position for such long stretches of highway and my legs are sore from hugging the tank. Now where did I put the Advil?
I'm driving up north to the 100 Mile House area on Sunday (up through the canyon, through Hope, Boston Bar, Cache Creek).

I'll be staying there, but if anyone wants to join just for the ride the company would be great!

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