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Favourite Destinations and Routes
As a new rider who graduated in June 2011, I was wondering if anyone had any favourite riding destinations that they would like to share and any particular routes (if there are more than one) to get there.

As I live in Vancouver, near UBC, one of the random destinations I'm looking at would be Lillooet.

Why Lillooet?

For the simple fact that it would be a super long day ride where I can take the Sea-to-Sky highway passing by Whistler on the North-bound portion of the trip and check out Hells Gate near Boston Bar on Highway 1 on the South-bound trip.

Then again, I might choose to travel via Highway 1 for the North-bound portion so that I can stop by the Airport Cafe at the Chilliwack Airport for some pie while they're fresh in the morning.

Hmmm... pie. :mrgreen:

Just thinking about that makes me think that I should plan a road trip for Saturday, 13 August. That should be plenty of time to hammer out the logistics of the trip. :lol:
Great resource here:
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Thanks for the link Ambrose! I came across this thread and your post last night as I was trying to figure out where to ride to today (know you guys have a group ride to the race track but the timing wouldn't work for me), the routes on that site all look interesting for "near city" rides!

I basically did the Sea Island loop today, following it almost exactly Big Grin

My blog entry of it with photos here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... iding.html</a><!-- m -->
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bnombe where do you live? We should go for a cruise, I like your bike! I have a black one!
Distance is measured in the amount of bugs I splatter on my visor...
LiquidBiohazard Wrote:bnombe where do you live? We should go for a cruise, I like your bike! I have a black one!
Sorry for the late reply. I live where it's relatively easy to get on Queensborough to 91A or Alex Fraser and not too far from getting on Hwy1 via Canada Way Wink
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Perfect, I live in Surrey just at the top of the hill on Nordel Way and Scott Road. Shoot me a note when you're ready to ride and we'll hit the road on two wheels
Distance is measured in the amount of bugs I splatter on my visor...
Recently did Hwy 20 through the N. Cascades and that highway by far, has been my most favorite route to ride on.

The ride down to Mt. Vernon on I-5 is nothing special, and the first hour or so east on Hwy 20 from the I-5 junction is also nothing special. But once past the town of Concrete the highway comes alive with plenty of hills, twisties and spectacular scenery. There's no shortage of incredible views along this route and I never got tired of riding right beside steep rock faces and numerous lakes and rivers. After riding through the mountain pass, you'll come to a sweeping valley before you arrive at Winthop WA, a small, neat town modeled in an old western style theme. From here you can continue eastward for a multi-day trip or just have lunch like we did before heading back the same way we came from.

The ride took about 14 hours total including all stops. If you plan on doing the route be prepared from some road work along the highway. You can check for updates here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... wySR20Link</a><!-- m -->

Happy and Safe Riding!

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