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PAC Ride - Ice Cream Run 12Jul19
Date: Friday July 12, 2019 Ride is A GO!  (Stay up to date on this post)
Weather Permitting.  Look for the GREEN message above.

Meet 1 5:30pm: Pacific Riding School (if you want to ride from Surrey) Leaving at 6:00pm!
Meet 2 6:30pm: La Casa Gelato 

Destination: La Casa Gelato (1033 Venables St, Vancouver)

Come chill with your fellow PRS grads (and possibly some of the other PRS crew) for some ice cream!

Please reply to this thread so we can get a sense of numbers. 

** Please refrain from e-mailing or calling the PRS line for inquiries. Direct your questions via email to me, or via this forum. **


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