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First PRS ride for 2011 with Kramer & Brose - Apr 16
Squeakerfish Wrote:On the way back, saw a blue bike on a flatbed and two police cars between Porteau and HS Bay at around 5:45. Long line of traffic backed up Southbound. Two other riders were stopped. Wasn't sure if it was an accident or a confiscation, left side of the bike looked undamaged, can't say for the other side. If it was the same incident and an accident, I hope the rider was OK.
Stay safe all.
It was the same, the rider was fine, he just went too fast around a right turn, slid and (I think, couldn't hear properly) hit the median and slid, got flung off, which was good, cuz the SUV behind him ran over his bike.

Everyone involved seemed fine and in good spirits when I left.

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