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Any new riders need some company?
Cableguy Wrote:
WildPyro Wrote:I rode to Tacoma and back on Sunday

Did you hit up the Chuckanut Drive?

Missed out, though didnt miss sighing longingly at the exits off the I5 as I passed it... on the way down I was on a mission to meet up with my dad, who I hadnt seen in a couple years (pilot, happened to be making his first flight to north america in a long time, landing at seatac... but he was only there for one day)... the return trip home was -15 or so with wind chill... even with 3 long sleeve shirts (one thermal), thermal long johns, thermal socks, and leather jacket/pants.... i was freezing to death on the return trip... I thought I came prepared with all the extra clothes, but not nearly enough. My hands froze right up, had to keep stopping... lady at the cashier till at one gas station felt so bad she paid for my coffee personally...

... won't do that trip twice without different gloves.... not sure what to do about the boot situation, non-vented smx5 shoulda done the trick I woulda thought... couldnt fit more sock/leather in them if I tried...

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