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2013 kawasaki Ninja 300 SE ABS - vfrpc - 03-16-2016

up for sale 2013 Ninja 300 SE ABS 20k
some very minor scratches or scrap only you look into some spot but no crack & no repair on the fairings.
*** This bike is theft recovery - ignition, gas tank cap and seat key all damaged when I purchased.
Replace with new used set ***
Have service late last year with Kawasaki full syn and oem filter
Brake flush and coolant flush front brake are 85% rear 80% remaining.
Have 2 Led front marker light.
Woodcarft 3pc clip-on
Tint dark windsheild
Front fork Pre-load adjustor
light weight aftermarket trip clamp bolt and oil filler cap
Shorty aftermarket lever on both side.
Tire are less 5k on the oem IRC
Inspected and insured now so km will slowly raise.
Price are pretty firm

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