Maintenance Course

Motorcycle Maintenance 101

Cost = $50.00 Time = 4 hoursPRS Maintenance 101
A one day course with a Certified Motorcycle Mechanic that will give you a better understanding of the machine you ride. PRS will cover topics such as oil changes, brake system, clutch, chain and sprockets, tires and wheels, carburetor, fuel injection, ignition system, transmissions, 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines. This course is not designed to make you a journeyman mechanic, but rather give you a mechanical foundation so that you are able to work on basic motorcycle maintenance yourself. PRS instructors are certified factory technicians from Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki. At Pacific, you are in good hands.

Motorcycle Maintenance 201

Cost = $200.00 Time = 4 hours Capacity = 2-3 studentsPRS Maintenance 201
Applying the practical of what we learned in 101, it’s time to get a bit dirty! We change our own oil and filter, check the air filter and battery, lube and adjust the drive chain and clutch cable, and adjust controls to suit the student and their bikes.

If you’re fast, we can squeeze more in!

Courses are offered throughout the year, email Bernie Ryan for details.

Motorcycle General and Maintenance Tips, courtesy of PRS:

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