Instructor Profile: John Eastman


  • Riding since 1971
  • Developed current Class 6 and 8 road test in British Columbia
  • Consultant on approved motorcycle skills training program curriculum in British Columbia
  • 20 years experience as Driving School Inspector and Assessment Officer Evaluations
  • Consulted legal teams and Attorney General Department on motorcycle accidents
  • Member of Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club (WMRC) (1981 - Mid 90's)
  • Justice Institute of BC Investigations and Enforcement Skills Certificate
  • MVB Driver Examiner Training
  • Class 4,5,6,7,8, GLP, GLT Driving Instructor Licence
  • Racetech Racing School (Westwood)
  • JIBC Total Control Driving Level I
  • Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course Instructor Certificate
  • BC Safety Council Hazard Avoidance Instructor Training
  • BC Safety Council Chief Instructor Certificate
  • BC Safety Council Senior Instructors Certificate
  • BC Safety Council Motorcycle Instructors Certificate
  • Pacific Vocational School Motorcycle Mechanics Certificate
  • ABC First Aid training: CPR and Survival First Aid

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