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We understand that there are a few choices for riding schools in the lower mainland – do your research, your life may depend on it. Our students have chosen PRS, not because we were the closest or most affordable school; they have chosen PRS because of our hard earned credentials that can save their lives. We have provided a few helpful pointers for you to look for:

ICBC certified instructors - This is NOT an option! All Class 6 motorcycle instructors in British Columbia have to be certified by ICBC. Instructors must have minimum of only 3 years riding experience.

In house MSA (Motorcycle Skills Assessment) testing - Most if not all schools are authorized to administer the MSA test.

Claims of being expert instructors - Depending on your definition – A Class 6 license and a business card is good for most

Motorcycles provided for training - All schools provide motorcycles
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Our instructors are what makes us special and we have the most ICBC certified instructors than any other schools! Have a look through our resumes, as you will see we are best suited to keeping you safe and well informed:
PRS Group 2010

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Maintenance Course Instructor:

Bernie Ryan

Associate Enduro Instructors:

Malcolm Cairns
RD Merritt

Associate Instructors:

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