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Our students recognize that our program is a reflection of hard earned credentials as opposed to “claimed” expertise. Students understand that learning from instructors, who continually train each year, is an invaluable experience that cannot be comparable to other schools. Our instructors continue to hone their riding skills by training at the best motorcycle schools in the United States.

Our students understand that experience, knowledge and teaching strategies can only come from instructors who have won multiple Superbike Championships and have formal training in education from prestigious institutions such as McGill University. The idea of hiring an instructor that simply holds a motorcycle license as the only means of qualification simply will not do.

Facts about motorcycle schools: 

ICBC certified instructors - This is NOT an option! All Class 6 motorcycle instructors in British Columbia have to be certified by ICBC. Instructors must have minimum of only 3 years riding experience.

In house MSA (Motorcycle Skills Assessment) testing - Most if not all schools are authorized to administer the MSA test.

Claims of being expert instructors - Depending on your definition – A Class 6 license and street riding experience is good for most.

Motorcycles provided for training - All schools provide motorcycles

Our instructors are what makes us special and we have the most ICBC certified instructors than any other schools! Have a look through our resumes, as you will see we are best suited to keeping you safe and well informed:

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Office Manager

Kirsten Flesher

Maintenance Course Instructor:

Bernie Ryan

Associate Enduro Instructors:

Malcolm Cairns
RD Merritt

Associate Instructors:

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