We train motion picture/TV actors and have trained cast members of The 100, Rush, I Robot, L Word, John Doe, Dark Angel, Blonde and Blonder, and Battlestar Galactica Caprica.

We also conduct presentations or provide safety and survival strategy training for corporations and their staff members including Victoria Police Department, Perrier Canada and London Drugs.

RushRushI RobotCapricaBlonde and BlonderJohn DoeDark AngelL WordTMDPerrierLondon DrugsVictoria PoliceDamon Motorcycles

Video Testimonials from former graduates


Written comments from some familiar people and our students

Control, Pure and Simple. From this spring forth all good things about riding a motorcycle. I give riders the tools for control at the intermediate and advance level. If you are looking for a good place to build a strong understanding of control, you can trust the instructors at Pacific Riding School. Why? Because I trained them. They can ride and they can teach, but most importantly, they are always open to learning.

A few words from Reg Pridmore – Inductee of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame endorsing Dat Louie and Pacific Riding School. Reg Pridmore on YouTube

Reg Pridmore, 3 Time AMA Superbike Champion, AMA Hall of Famer

As a motor journalist, I understand the need to thoroughly research a topic or subject matter. During my fact finding mission to ferret out the best riding school in the lower mainland, Pacific Riding School presents a distinct advantage over competitors. With each lead instructor bringing a minimum of 20 years riding experience to the theory and practical settings. Their background knowledge and teaching abilities have been invaluable to me. Thanks Guys, I could not have made it this far without you!

Dagmar Midcap, Host of Driving Television

They are the best at what they do. Their dedication and enthusiasm is shown, when you see the same guys out there week after week, saving a life every time. They even trained my wife!

Steve Dick, 2 Time Canadian Champion