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We train motion picture actors and have recently trained cast members of I Robot, L Word, John Doe, Dark Angel, Blonde and Blonder, and Battlestar Galactica Caprica.
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Video Testimonials from former graduates

Some written comments from some familiar people

Reg Pridmore“Control, Pure and Simple. From this spring forth all good things about riding a motorcycle. I give riders the tools for control at the intermediate and advance level. If you are looking for a good place to build a strong understanding of control, you can trust the instructors at Pacific Riding School. Why? Because I trained them. They can ride and they can teach, but most importantly, they are always open to learning.”

A few words from Reg Pridmore - Inductee of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame endorsing Dat Louie and Pacific Riding School. Reg Pridmore on YouTube

Reg Pridmore
3 Time AMA Superbike Champion, AMA Hall of Famer
Alexandra Straub“Learning to ride can be fairly intimidating, but schools such as Pacific Riding School will teach you the skills you need to be a safe rider.”
Pacific Riding School on The Province
Alexandra Straub
The Province
Dagmar Midcap“As a motor journalist, I understand the need to thoroughly research a topic or subject matter. During my fact finding mission to ferret out the best riding school in the lower mainland, Pacific Riding School presents a distinct advantage over competitors. With each lead instructor bringing a minimum of 20 years riding experience to the theory and practical settings. Their background knowledge and teaching abilities have been invaluable to me. Thanks Guys, I could not have made it this far without you!”

Dagmar Midcap

Host of Driving Television
Steve Dick“They are the best at what they do. Their dedication and enthusiasm is shown, when you see the same guys out there week after week, saving a life every time. They even trained my wife!”

Steve Dick

2 Time Canadian Champion
Mike Sullivan“Finding a qualified instructor should be your number one concern, whether you train at the advance level or the basic rider training. The guys at PRS are some of the best in the industry…look at their facts, I think you will agree.”

Mike Sullivan

Formula USA Champion
Scott Bloom“From the beginning it was clear that this was a well organized, structured and planned course. Everyone involved with the school was knowledgeable, approachable, experienced and skilled.”

Scott W. Bloom, MD

Head, Department Of Surgery, Richmond Hospital
Suzuki Testimonial“Eric has called me a couple of times since he started the course and has told me how impressed he has been with the quality and thoroughness of the training you provide. He is eager to get his license and get his motorcycle on the road now that he has “tasted” the enjoyment and freedom of 2 wheels.”

Nathan Naslund, General Manager

Public Relations & Racing, Suzuki Canada.
One Wheel Drive Testimonial Learning from the New Rider
New Rider Experience – I: Into the Classroom to Fulfill a Dream
New Rider Experience – II: You Mean I Actually Get to Ride It?
New Rider Experience – III: The Mean Streets
New Rider Experience – IV: Legalities and Spidey Senses

Canadian Biker Testimonial
The Very Best of Class - Canadian Biker Magazine July 2012 by Marissa Landry

"Even an experienced rider can learn new tricks" - Story by Misti Hurst

Kramer’s coaching style is laid-back and relaxed – like hanging out with an old friend or a slightly annoying little brother. He outlined how the course would go, talked a bit about using “slow strong hands, not wild spiky hands (for braking).” Then he reminded us to “stay with the objective of each lesson.”


Misti Hurst, www.mistihurst.com

A great article posted by a PRS Alumni, discussing the trials and tribulations of the parking lot experience, feeling dejected, overcoming the internal pressures and expectations, and kicking butt!


Naturally Calamity Jane, Retired (injured) Runner * New Cyclist * Writer * Nurse * Just a girl in the city who's determined to show up for herself and make the best damn life she can. I have fallen down, stood tall, felt joy and grief and the overwhelming humanness of this experience. Oh and I still believe in love.