Starting or improving your street riding, or getting ready for your off-road adventure? We have a course for you!

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ICBC MSA Street Courses

MSA Course: Lower Mainland
MSA Course: Lower Mainland $845
MSA Course: Mandarin
MSA Course: Mandarin $845
MSA Course: Vancouver Island
MSA Course: Vancouver Island $925
Mobile MSA Course
Mobile MSA Course $925

Enduro / Off-Road Courses

Enduro Course
Enduro Course $595

Advanced Courses

Gymkhana Club
Gymkhana Club

Maintenance Courses

Maintenance Course
Maintenance Course

Additional Services

These additional services are available for our past and current PRS/PES students. Please contact our office for scheduling.

Extra / Refresh Parking Lot Sessions

Extra parking lot sessions are available for any students looking to:

  • Clean up skills and gain confidence prior to going on the road
  • Refresh their skills (haven't been on a motorcycle for a long period)
  • Practice on a new motorcycle

Private 1-1 Training

One on one training is available for the lot or road portion to enhance skills and gain confidence prior to joining the group portion.

Motorcycle Skills Assessment Re-test

Expired learners? PRS can conduct the skills test again once you've renewed your learners.

Road Test Assessment (RA)

Road assessment is a mock test where the student rides while we follow in a vehicle. The session is recorded and video feedback is provided and can be downloaded to your USB (min 4GB). With the new ICBC re-test time frame restrictions, students find these helpful to identify areas of focus to pass the road test on the first attempt.

Free Ride Along

Sit in the vehicle while we conduct a road assessment. This free service provides a visual perspective of the examiners.

Additional Group Road Rides

Want extra practice of the ICBC procedures or the survival strategies with instructor commentary? Students can join another group ride within any of our MSA course schedules.