Last Advanced Rider Training for 2011 – Tuesday Aug 2nd & Saturday Aug 6th

ADVANCED RIDER TRAINING - Westcoast Superbike School is offering an Advanced Riding Course, Tuesday August 2nd & Saturday August 6th. This course will be offered in two parts; classroom theory and practical riding. Tuition is $350 plus HST due upon registration. Troy Burstyk will be facilitating the training on both the theoretical and practical riding day. The course is not for beginners, but rather for intermediate and advanced riders, the techniques and training in this course are designed for the street rider who is seeking more confidence and control in riding technique and it is open to all types of motorcycles however all students should have at least one year of riding experience. Topics range from body position, advanced braking, steering, and many other techniques.

The riding day will be held at the Abbotsford Tradex parking lot (, offering a safe controlled environment in which to practice the techniques that you will be learning. Speed is not an issue, as the point of the course is to build technique and skill, rather than to go fast.

Other course requirements are:

  • Must have own bike in good working condition
  • Must have motorcycle riding boots that cover the ankles and shins
  • Must have motorcycle riding gloves that cover the wrists
  • Must have minimum motorcycle riding gear either a leather two piece (jacket and pants) or textile two piece (jacket and pants)
  • Must have a full face motorcycle riding helmet that is at least DOT or SNELL approved
  • Earplugs are recommended
  • Spine protector is recommended

For more information check out:

This will be your last chance to get in on the advanced riding training this year so don’t miss out.

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