Bernie’s July 2011 Newsletter

Well, here we are, just into summer. It’ currently raining here in Kelowna, hence the newsletter! Strange, as it’s normally hot with brown grass right about now. No worries, the lake is still getting warmer, and it will be heaven in BC soon enough! At least around here 😉

A few things coming up on the near horizon…

It’s not too late to register for the next Advanced Rider Training with the WestCoastSuperbikeSchool! The classroom is tomorrow, and the practical really fun part is this Saturday. Too soon?? There is another course in August. The classroom is August 2nd, and the good part is august 6th. I hope to be teaching the August 6th course, if it helps to see a familiar mug! I have 2 passes for the ART course for sale Normally $350 + HST) for $315 each. Just 2! And of you’d like PRS to run a class with Dat for August 6th, let myself or PRS know!

Track days! With groups for the slow, medium, and crazy you can play how you like in a nice safe controlled atmosphere. There’s one more, Monday, August 22nd with WCSS.  Details at

Already taken a race or advanced course? There’s also a track day at Pitt Meadows airport with Siren Racing on August 6th. For details, check out

Track Walk with me!! I’m doing a track walk during the lunch break at Mission Raceway on August 1st. Come join, it’s free with admission. I’ll show you the racing lines, explain some of the strategies, and you can see the track up close! Real close, because a few of the pros will do a fly by while we’re out there. Added bonus, it’s kids day! If you have kids, and want to bring them, let me know! I’ll try and get trinkets for all the kids, if I know you’re bringing them! Best time to get there is 11am, or earlier. There’s a superbike race, out track walk at lunch, Taste OF Racing (you get an escorted tour around the track on your bike!!) It’s on my facebook.

There is a ride from PRS to the track on August 1st, relaxed pace. If you want more details, check out the PRS forums at

Lastly, it’s hard to plan courses this time of year, but I’ll try and run a couple of 201s in the immediate future, as this is the time to fix what you’re breaking!

Need a refresher? Lost, missed out on the 101, shout it out 😉

Cheers, have fun! Bernie

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