Bernie’s March 2011 Newsletter

Greetings friends and PRS students.

I am starting up my famous PRS Maintenance Courses again, with the first 101 and 201 on the April 2nd/3rd weekend.
Need a refresher? Decided to learn a bit more, or do a better job looking after your baby? How about work on your own bike with supervision? Let me know 😉
You can certainly pass this on to any friend in need! Thanks.

Which of course demands I toss in a few serious reminders before we get on to the cool stuff.
Tires tires tires! Are they old? Have you reset the pressures? Do you enjoy deep rain grooves and soft rubber for this time of year?
Drivers. AARRGGH. Please remember that they have spent 6 months forgetting about motorcycles. Don't remind them with your life!
Stay out of their blind spots.
And of course, watch out for the road conditions. And even if the road is clean, the pavement will be cold for months.
How is that old visor? Don't look through it, look from one side through the visor and out the other side.

This Friday, Vancouver BMW Ducati is launching the new Ducati Diavel.
The party starts at 7pm. You can find out the rest at
Check out the bikes, book a test ride, wolf down some snacks!

This one is just for the ladies. And that's the beauty of it!
Looking a new ride? A better ride?
It's BMW Motorrad Exclusive All Women's Test Ride

Come join them for a day of test rides on the whole BMW fleet!
The event is catered with light snacks, drinks and there will be music
by DJ's - Tango and BToxic - music, motorcycles and food!

Saturday - April 30, 2011
9:00am to 5:00pm


This program is reserved for WOMEN ONLY. Only BMW Motorrad Canada personnel will be on site to offer you assistance and information. No sales pressure, just an opportunity for you to enjoy the Ultimate Riding Experience in a relaxed and controlled environment.
BMW Motorrad is committed to meeting the needs of female riders. With our customized and comprehensive line of rider apparel for women, you don’t have to “adjust” to male sizing and styling anymore. Our Rider Equipment is designed for you. In many ways, our motorcycles are too. With fully-adjustable ergonomics and new lower seat heights, BMW motorcycles are easily adaptable to female riders of any size and shape.

We will have the whole BMW Fleet here for you to test ride. Light snacks and beverages along with the talents of local DJ's. It is a truly an amazing day!
Requirements are: Valid class 6, helmet, jacket and gloves.
We look forward to sharing this unique event with you.

Trish Aylett and Lesley Fireweed Gering

If you were interested in getting into racing, now would be a time to email and reserve your spot!
You don't have to start racing, but you will be enhancing your skills to a new level in the proper environment.
The course start on April 12th, and ends up with you blasting around Mission Raceway on April 29th! Maybe following me....

That's it!
Good bye for now, ride safe, have fun.

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