Dat’s Journey to Japan: Honda & Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Photos here.


Thought I share a few photos from my two week trip to Japan, home of Honda and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Let’s start by saying - Japanese engineering is simply incredible, the biggest thing I learned is the underlying philosophy behind their engineering, namely that it is driven by need or necessity.

Feeling the “shockwave” from a Shinkansen bullet trains travelling through a train station at speeds of 299 kph or driving through the countless tunnels cut by massive boring machines (both built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries), I will never look at Kawasaki the same way . We also rented a 3 cylinder Honda “K” car built to be compact and efficient to address the tight streets of Japan, which simply made sense. After WW2 Japan needed cheap transportation in which Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha answered that call by designing “motorized” bicycles which later evolved to the motorcycles we have today – through this need sparked the engineers, which then created motorcycles with passion.

Hope you all get a chance to visit Japan and tour one of these museums. Hope you enjoy some of the pics!

Stay safe,

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