2018 PAC Adventure: FLAP Oct 6/7 2018

PRS Alumini attended Feel Like A Pro Dirt Program (FLAP) (normally conducted in Kelseyville, California), but our good friend Brian who runs FLAP (25 years of motorcycle racing experience and has won countless championships in Roadracing, Supermoto and Flat Track) decided to bring his school to Chehalis, Washington, giving better access to his program to riders in British Columbia and Washington/Oregon States.

Our very own Tony and Jin getting dirty!

The flat track ranch is a treat in itself being the training grounds of Brad Baker - AMA Flat Track Grand National Champion (we were certainly surrounded by elite flat track pedigree). Brad's entourage of Pro Flat Trackers including Shelby Miller, Jacob Lehmann and Cole helped out with the instruction and provided "mind blowing" controlled slides that demonstrated how things are done at the professional level.

Kawasaki dirt bikes (thank you Kawasaki Motor Corporation), helmets, gloves, boots, shirts and pants were all provided, all we had to do was show up! We learned the fundamentals of balance, focus, throttle control, body positioning, braking techniques, controlled slides and passing strategies. Mornings started with riders stretching to help prevent possible injury, then the day consisted of multiple drills that reinforced fundamentals and the afternoon we had some friendly racing.

AMA Grand National Champion Brad Baker, Brian Bartlow, Dat Louie and Kris Daniels

Lunch was by donation to help Brad Baker recover from his injuries he sustained in the 2018 X -Games and a big thank you to Scott Baker and the Baker family for their hospitality!

Two days of great riding - one day in the sun and one day in the rain which presented great learning opportunities to learn about smooth inputs which translated to skills that can be applied to riding on the street.

Pacific Riding School would like to thank Brian Bartlow, Kris Daniels, and Brad Baker for making this kind of training more accessible to PRS riders!

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