The V-STROM Gets Down and Dirty

Photos courtesy of Join The Dirtside Productions

As we're loading up for the day, the smell of fresh rain hits our senses, while the sun tries to peek through the grey skies.  A perfect arrangement of weather conditions for our Enduro program, and the first opportunity to try the 2018 Suzuki V-STROM 650 XT in it's natural setting.

It is Mike's (PES/PRS Instructor) first time on the new V-STROM on the dirt (which he nicknames "Wee-Strom"), who thanks Suzuki Canada and Mile Zero Motorsports for putting an amazing smile on his face.

Mike is no stranger to the dirt, and comments the V-STROM feels light and nimble with adequate power that is linear to control.  With the updated bodywork, wire wheels and skid plates, the XT is ready for any adventure especially with handle bar risers, wider platform foot pegs, aluminium panniers, crash and hand guards.

Need to ride on pavement to get to your favourite dirt roads?  The V-STROM is comfortable and easy to ride on the street as well.  With traction control at your fingertips, ABS, an updated display, and 12V plug for your accessories like a GPS, phone charger or heated gear. A pleasingly well rounded motorcycle for BC outdoor life, well-proportioned for a six-footer like Mike, yet light, slim, with simple no-nonsense electronics and consoles to interfere with the views of your journey.

Needless to say, Mike wasn't sharing the V-STROM with any one else that day, with students swearing they heard the phrase "Stay away from my Wee-Strom" being uttered from the bushes....

Photos courtesy of Join The Dirtside Productions

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