Maintenance Courses Nov 5/6 2016

By popular demand, Oct 22/23 are all full! So... Bernie has graciously opened up another weekend Nov 5/6!!!

We will go over storage as well.
Pre-reading: PRS Forum Storage Notes

Maintenance 101  $50
Sat Nov 5: 8:30-12:30pm

Maintenance 201 $125 (You need the 101 first!)
Sat Nov 5:  1:30-5:30pm (FULL)
Sat Nov 6 8:30-12:30pm (50%)
Sat Nov 6 1:30-5:30pm (50%)
Your bike will be 90% ready for winter storage when you are done.

Additional 201 courses will be added on Sunday Nov 6 if required.

More about PRS Maintenance Courses

E-mail Bernie to Register.

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