PRS Wrap Up Party 2016 – ***THANK YOU!!***

The clouds cleared for one day during the rain, just in time for our party! (Or for the awesome Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau Toy Run)

Thank you again to all the students, sponsors friends, families and staff for making this year the BIGGEST PRS Wrap Up Party ever!!

We've never had the bikes parked all the way around the lot!

We could not have made this happen without you!

Pics posted: PRS Albums

Thank you to all of our sponsors for the fantastic prizes! Without our local dealerships, we wouldn't have awesome events throughout the year!

MAS Dyno Services - for running all those bikes on the dyno!

Sponsors for prizes & winners:

Barnes Harley-Davidson Langley

Jason Mckinlay - $100 gift card
Paramdeep Dusanjh - $100 gift card

Burnaby Kawasaki

Alex Tivy - SHOEI Helmet
Chris Merritt - Puffy Jacket
Darren Cantillon - Golf Shirt
Al Campbell - Sunglasses

Daytona Motorsports
Judith Bouchard - Ladies Alpinestars Jacket
Jiyoung Ahn - Ladies Alpinestars Jacket
Andrew Chow - Ladies Alpinestars Jacket
Lee Schurman - $50 Gift Card

Holeshot Motorsports
Liam Morgan - $50 gift card
Kirsten Byck - $50 gift card
Ryan Yaar - $50 gift card
Joel Bowman - $50 gift card

Vancouver BMW Ducati
Dave Mckinley - Base Layer
Meena Bhagat - Base Layer
Kevine Ruiz - Base Layer
Grace Luzande - Base Layer
Wallace Chow - Face Mask
Sephani Mamchur - Nano tips
Lance Craven - Nano Tips
Steven Ho - Mini Bag
Marc Roxas - Balaclava
Kevin Tam - Balaclava

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