PAC Enduro Ride – Indian Arm Ride from Squamish (12 riders only) 11Sep16

Attendance List: Click Here

Meet: 08:30 at Starbucks - Caulfield Village Shopping Centre in West Vancouver. Westbound on the Upper Levels Highway take Exit No. 4 for Woodgreen Drive, turn left (south) onto Headland Drive. Caulfield Village is on the right after crossing over the highway. There's a Safeway there too, so you can buy something if you forgot to pack a lunch.

Depart: 09:00 for Squamish.

Last gas stop ~09:35 at the Squamish Valley Gas Bar on Valley Drive (right hand side of 99) opposite the Squamish Nation Totem Hall. Air down, bathroom break etc. We’ll then head down the Mamquam FSR which connects to the Indian River FSR.

Indian Arm is a great ride (40km each way) and the road is (currently) in excellent condition. There are a couple of loose rocky uphills (downhills on the way back), many cross ditches, and the washouts have been repaired. This ride is a bit more challenging than the prior ride up the Squamish River Valley FSR, but well within the capabilities of the PRS Alumni and a great opportunity to practice your skills.

Things to consider

  • There are no facilities available after Squamish; washrooms are free in the bush
  • Tools - riders should be able to repair a flat. We'll have some limited tools but you need to be self-sufficient to some degree
  • SPOT Locator - If you have one, bring it.
  • Riding gear - same as for the Enduro course.
  • Watch out for the cross ditches - don’t be caught sitting down!

Basic Group riding etiquette

  • For safety and to keep the group together, we’ll stop at intersections (or waypoints) to re-group before continuing.
  • Check behind you from time to time to confirm the rider following you is still there. Slow down or stop and wait until you see them before continuing.

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