Dave Moss: Suspension Tuning Class Aug 13/14, 2016

More Details and RSVP: http://feelthetrack.com/2015-schedule-calendar/suspension-school/vancouver-bc-seminars-august-13-and-14/

Pacific Riding School instructor Ivan Lee has invited world-class suspension tuner Dave Moss to our school. Regardless of what you ride - have you ever wonder what all those knobs and screw are for on your motorcycle suspension? Dave can teach you how to tune your suspension to its maximum potential - giving you the safest and most controlled ride.

Dave Moss has been tuning suspension since 1995 for racers, track day and street riders alike. He has traveled the world helping riders from every day riders to professional racers, he has reached thousands of people a week via his web presence. His classes build on pieces on information that moves you step by step through a process so that you can fully understand how something works, why it needs to work
better and how to do that for yourself. Dave specializes in setting up motorcycles to the rider's weight, type of use, riding style, physical needs and ability.  Most importantly while your bike is being set up, Dave will explain what is being done and why.

Attend Dave Moss' class and invest in yourself, price of Dave's one day course will cost $150.00

Dave’s Mission: To minimize injuries, save lives every day and keep families together – all through education and training.

Saturday Aug 13 - Pacific Riding School
9:00am - 12:00pm ($150 Class 1-3)
12:30pm - 1:45pm ($60 Bike Set Up)
2:00pm - 5:00pm ($150 Class 1-3)
Dave's suspension school will cover:

30 minute class, 10 minute ride, 15 minute Q&A debrief
Class 1 - Introduction to setting sag, your personal bikes will be set - short ride of 10 minutes and back.
Class 2 - Introduction to hydraulics/compression - short ride of 10 minutes and back.
Class 3 - Introduction to chassis balance/rebound - short ride of 10 minutes and back.

Sunday Aug 14 - Mspeed Performance (316 Commercial Dr)
$250 Hands on class only - riders review their own bikes
Please see RSVP site for details.

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