Ducati Experience Tour 2016 (various locations / dates)

The Ducati Experience Tour is headed your way! Join us and come test ride your favorite 2016 Ducati.

Ducati is pleased to announce the launch of the 2016 Ducati Experience Tour, a series of exciting test ride-packed events making their way across Canada, bringing our amazing 2016 Ducati line up to a city near you! Watch our 2015 Experience Tour video to get an idea of what to expect:

June 18 9-5pm
Vancouver BMW Ducati (3061 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver)

June 22 9-5pm
Ducati Richmond (2145-21000 Westminster Hwy, Richmond)

June 29 9-5pm
Vancouver BMW Ducati (3061 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver)

July 6 9-5pm
Ducati Richmond (2145-21000 Westminster Hwy, Richmond)

All riders and passengers must be 21 years of age. All riders must also present a valid motorcycle endorsement (M1 or M2). We cannot accept an M1 or M2 endorsement with limits or conditions (i.e. L or M). All riders must be properly qualified and licensed to operate the motorcycle under the laws of the Province in which the test ride will be conducted (in Ontario M2, M) and that such license can not be under suspension or subject to pending suspension. No learners permits or licenses are accepted.

When operating the Motorcycle, the rider/passengers shall at all times wear a motorcycle helmet, which is designated and a minimum DOT approved for motorcycling. Riders choosing to use an open face helmet must have adequate eye protection. Note: "Beanie" helmets of any type are not allowed. Very old helmets may also be considered unsafe and accordingly not acceptable for our demo rides. Full finger riding gloves, jeans without holes or riding pants, boots or shoes that cover the ankles, a long sleeved jacket. Riders and passengers are responsible for bringing their own riding gear. The rider can't be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

Please contact the local dealer for more information regarding the demo event.

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