California Adventure 2014 @ Laguna Seca with CLASS

Message from Dat: As many of you know from your training at PRS, I have trained under the mentorship of Reg Pridmore (3 Time AMA Superbike Champion, AMA Hall of Fame) for the last 19 years. He has taught me how important it is to be smooth, focused and in control of my machine - I have done my best to pass some of the things I have learned from Reg to you.  It's been 19 years and I still learn something new every time  I slow down, listen and apply what Reg teaches.  It's been somewhat of a tradition for the last 16 years that many of my former students continue their training with the very person I learned from, so we are proud to announce – California Adventure 2014 Laguna Seca with CLASS Schools.

As a PRS grad - you have TWO OPTIONS:

  1. CLASS SCHOOLS at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Salinas, Ca (Ninja 250 rentals provided by FEEL LIKE A PRO)
  2. Spend money on an exhaust pipe or cool brake levers that does nothing to increasing your skill set.

With your training from CLASS schools, you are on your way to becoming a smoother rider, having better control and a better understanding of what your motorcycle can do!

PRS 2011 California Adventure:

CLASS on Youtube

At the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, it is simply not a race day.

This course is NOT FOR YOU if you think track days or schools are really race days.  You have attended numerous track days/schools and determined that you came in 1st place, because you passed an instructor following a student. You are simply not there to race against other unsuspecting students or to show how fast you can go. If this applies to you, you can always join WMRC (British Columbia), WMRRA (Washington) or OMRRA (Oregon) -  that's where the big boys/girls play.

CLASS School is NOT a race school.  Speed in never an issue - it is all about practicing your skills in a controlled environment.  Everybody's safety is paramount at the schools.

CLASS School details: *All funds in US Dollars!

Nov 3, 2014 - $350 - B group FULL!

Still spots available for CLASS Group A if you have your own bike.
Contact Ambrose for your interest, and we will let you know to register.

Nov 4, 2014 – $325 - 2 bike rentals left!!

PRS Crew are only attending Nov 3. We will be there in the morning of Nov 4 to help you settle in

Group A - More experienced riders, the pace is a little quicker.
Group B - Recommended for those who never been to a race track.
FAQ on Groups:

Motorcycle Rental
We will rent track prepared Ninja 250's or 300’s from Feel Like a Pro - bike, fuel and tech support. ($275/day or $250/day if you rent for the 2nd day as well)

Total Cost - $625.00 USD ($350+$275) which will include:

  • CLASS with Reg Pridmore
  • Race prepared Ninja 250/300
  • Fuel for the day
  • Motorcycle Tech support from Feel Like a Pro
  • Drinks and snacks

Cancellation Policy
Each school has its own cancellation policy. You must read each carefully as any concerns will be directed to the school directly, not PRS.

Flight costs
All of the PRS students are flying into San Jose, and breaking down into their own car rental groups.

Hotel / Rental Vehicles
Once everyone has signed up, I can provide contact information for all attendees, and you can organize amongst yourselves for rides and hotel.  Some of the PRS students are staying at the Sandcastle Inn 831-394-6556 ( and have arranged a group rate. Mention the Laguna Seca Track Day group. $49.99/night for single queen, and $59.99 for double queen.

What you do you need to participate in CLASS

  1. Current passport
  2. Full face helmet
  3. Motorcycle jacket and pants that zip together (can be textile or leather)
  4. Back protector
  5. Motorcycle boots
  6. Full length motorcycle gloves
  7. BCAA medical insurance or equivalent
  8. Register for CLASS here:
  9. Attend the MANDATORY PRS meetings

*All funds are in US Dollars!

How do you sign up?!

  1. Email Ambrose that you are 100%, and be placed on the list
  2. Wait for the group email to come out stating that we have our minimum 5 student motorcycle rentals
  3. Sign up for CLASS:
  4. Email Ambrose at with the following details below (copy and paste):

CLASS and school details
Riding Experience:
Current bike:
Contact number:
Preferred Track Date (Nov 3 only or Both):
Preferred Bike (250 or 300):

  1. Attach your confirmation from CLASS

Hope to hear from you soon,
Dat & Ambrose




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