Vancouver BMW Ducati: Sense of Adventure‏ Jul 30

Sense of Adventure

Welcome Roel & Azure

Date: July 30th, 2014
Time: 7pm
Vancouver BMW Ducati

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One of our very own customers at Vancouver BMW Ducati ran into Roel & Azure while riding, enjoyed their company so invited them to dine together.  Their story was impressive enough he felt it worthy to send them our way.We give them audience on Wednesday July 30th to tell their story to YOU.

Light snacks, refreshments and stories of a unique adventure and perspective on life.

Come down to Vancouver BMW Ducati and learn how Roel and Azure have managed to make this a lifestyle choice.What inspired them, what allows them to keep going, what have they experienced along their journey?

They welcome questions and inquiry about their situation and share their stories as travellers of the two wheeled nature!

There is this incredible need in some of us, to travel, see the world, experience new cultures, people and lifestyles.Most of us live in the framework of having gainful employment, ensuring our future by having "things", houses and mortgages, cars and payments, investments and trying to build security for our futures.

Sometimes, we get lost in this drive for success, but there are a few that step outside of that "safety zone" and roll the dice to travel, see the world, and live the life of adventure.

Roel & Azure have done just that.  They don't come from a background of money, in fact, when Roel made his way to Australia, he had $20 to his name before finding some work to tide him over and fund his next adventure.

How does this work?  How does one leap to this state of existence?

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