Western Powersports Closing Down Sale

Western Powersports

After 31 Years, Western Powersports is having a Closing Down Sale!

Hello Everyone!
Yes, you've read it correctly. After 31 years in business here in Langley, I have decided to close Western Powersports.

It's time for me to retire and move on to other things. Yamaha will be moving up to Holeshot, and Triumph may be staying here. We'll make sure that our current customers continue to get great service as time goes on, no matter what happens. Many of our staff will be moving to Holeshot with Yamaha, so there will be many familiar faces.

As with everything, there are bad and good parts of this news. The bad, of course, is that Western Powersports will no longer be around; the good is that Western Powersports will be having a "Retirement / Closing Down Sale" where we will be selling most of our Clothing and Accessories at, or even below, cost. So there will be all kinds of deals; way better than the Motorcycle show at Tradex.

On Sale Right Now ---Triumph Clothing and Accessories, as well as All of our dirt riding gear. ATV Accessories, Dirt Boots, and Yamaha Add-ons are also on at great savings; And we're having a final Tyre sale on every Tyre we have in stock. Next week, we'll have even more items on sale.

Western Powersports will be here until just before Christmas, and we will continue to take care of you everyday until then.

ALL of our Triumph and Yamaha Motorcycle Demos are being sold off

Our sales guys are weeping with every bike they sell. You will NEVER see these deals again!

Limited Quantities. Don't Wait!

Thanks to all of our customers and friends that have dealt here for the last 31 years.

Western Powersports

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