Maintenance 101 Saturday April 20th 1:30pm, and Sunday April 21st, 9am

Message from Bernie:

I can offer the following for Saturday, April 20th:

Maintenance 101, 1:30pm, in the shop at PRS
No bike required, $50, 4 hours long.

IF that fills up, and only IF, I might offer a 6pm course that day, or one Sunday in the morning or afternoon.
Rain or shine.

100% commitment required! If you bail after Thursday, there is a $25 cancellation fee. I'd rather see you there 😉

Please let me know ASAP. Small class, and once it's full.....

Yes, you need the 101 to register for the 201 (you work on your own bike).
The shop and I are only available on Saturday afternoons and Sunday.

We can offer a 9am Sunday April 21st 101, at the PRS shop.It is 1/2 full already, so if that works for you please, let me know ASAP.


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