Next Maintenance Courses July 7 and 8

Message from Bernie:
Greetings friends and PRS students.

Maintenance 101 classes, July 7th/8th at Pacific Riding School.

You don't need a bike, this will help you when you are looking for a used one.
This will help anyone who rides, even if it's just understanding what your mechanic is trying to tell you/charge you for! You can wait until you wreck something, or.....

Saturday 1pm-5pm LADIES ONLY (I will open it up to all if there is not enough ladies interested)
I can switch this class to 6pm or simply add a 6pm-10pm class, but I need firm commitments ASAP!

Sunday 9am-1pm All welcome.

Several have asked, so...if you want to do the 101 and 201(work on your own bike) the same day, this is your chance
BUT, you must prepay at the office to book one of these 4 spots.

As always, I need 100% commitment please.


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