Bernie’s July 2012 Newsletter!

Message from Bernie:

Happy Canada Day Sunday!

Please please be careful, it can be a great weekend, or a horrible weekend, depending upon motor homes, distracted drivers, tourists, and sometimes those silly kids that think they are invincible.  A few years ago I lost a friend to holiday over-excitement, and I want that to be the last one please.

If you want a day of blasting around, go to Mission Raceway tomorrow and do a track day. The prep is very minimal, and the cost is less than a 15km/h over the limit speeding ticket!!  Yep, cheap, and safer that trying to turn the crowded highway into your little racetrack. Slow, medium and fast groups, organized and fun.!
I rented a Ninja 250 from and had a blast last track day.  I know, 250?  Corners like a dream, and out brakes the big boys! Loved it!!
You can drop by and watch, but most likely you'll be upset you didn't sign up 😉

Preregistration helps!
They have another on Monday July 9th. And yes, I might be there on that little 250 Ninja from Paul, small bike and big grin!!

Sunday, Canada Day, July 1st, Motorcycle racing at Mission Raceway.
$10 to get in, $5 if you're on your motorcycle. Even for a few hours, a nice mid-afternoon break. Action starts early, goes all day. $5!!!
There is a catering truck on site.

Did you miss the last WestCoastSuperbikeSchool Advanced Rider Training? Cried yourself to sleep ever since?! Don't miss out again.

Dat and I will be teaching a PRS group this time.  PRS calls it ARS, and you need to call the office and register with Ashley.  Sunday July 29th is the course date.
You know how much energy Dat puts into his projects, so if you have considered some advanced level of training on your own bike, now's your chance.

There is a track day at Pitt Meadows Airport Saturday, July 7th, also a lot of fun and well organized with various levels of speed groups. for all the info. Good to preregister for this as well.

I am down to Vancouver the following weekend to teach 101 and 201, but you might see me catching a few races at Mission Raceway this Sunday.  The VStrom has been awesome so far, except it's parked too often, as Mother Nature hasn't been much kinder to Kelowna than Vancouver!

Take care, ride smart, have fun

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