Pacific Riding School featured in July 2012 Canadian Biker Magazine

Pacific Riding School was featured on July 2012's issue of Canadian Biker Magazine in an article titled "The Very Best of Class" written by Marissa Landry

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Marissa conducts a random cross-Canada interview that takes readers inside the hearts and minds of riding school instructors.  From the west coast of Canada to its eastern shores, dedicated motorcycle training instructors prepare riders of every skill level to experience the thrill that comes with safely operating a shiny two-wheeled machine.  These men and women brave wind, cold, rain, and the odd snowfall to share their passion with students who are learning to ride.  Whether working  for a motorcycle training school or a provincial safety council it's obvious these instructors have embraced biking as a way of life, a shared commonality, despite their diverse backgrounds.  Motorcycle training schools are great places for riders to improve their skills, to gain experience and know-how.  But just who are the people that spend countless hours preparing to instruct a new season of bikers?  What motivates them, aside from their obvious love of riding and reflective neon vests?.......

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