Bernie’s May 2012 Newsletter!

May long weekend…..don’t ride like an idiot! It’s a big weekend for tickets, accidents, and trouble. Or it could be a classic weekend of good times 😉 Ride smart, and instead of trying to turn BC into your own private racetrack, go watch the races at Mission Raceway Saturday and Sunday!! It’s only $10 to get in, racing starts just after lunch Saturday and Sunday.!/events/103514183117638/ or for details.

ART and Racer Training courses at WCSS are getting filled up. Only 7 left in ART, 4 in Racer. Too much fun, improve your skills, what are you waiting for? A deal? I have one ART course available at $300, I’m selling it for a student, first one who commits gets it! The classroom is June 6th, and the skills part at Tradex is June 9th I will be teaching that course, so you have a friend on the inside ;-). for details, or just ask me.

Pitt Meadows Track Day, May 26th. Here’s what I got from Nancy;
Here's the skinny on the May 26th track & practice day:

We will be using both sides of the tarmac - our space is another 1-1/2 times bigger. This increase in area will allow us to add more turns, more straights for more fun, and better braking zones.

May 26 - (preregistration cutoff date is May 20th midnight)

Our costs this year will be changed slightly (but still affordable) as we are paying a bit more for the facility. For May 26th our registration fees will be: $80 for a 1/2 day, and $140 for a full day.

If you pay on the day of the event it will cost an extra $20 so make sure you book your spot early. Remember the preregistration cutoff date for this event is Sunday, May 20th at midnight.

Paypal your fee to and let me know what group (slow, medium, fast) you should go into (or let me know if you have previous track day experience, or what kind of a street rider you are). If you're only coming for a 1/2 day then I need to know if it's the morning or afternoon half of the day.

Note, we run rain or shine so be prepared for the weather.

Looking forward to seeing you all again. Nancy

Track days, racing schools, etc, don’t want to risk your baby?! One of our PRS instructors has bought some bikes and converted them to track bike rentals!

Paul’s a good guy, easy to deal with, and a good sponsor of the Daytona Party Fundraiser 😉

I love my new VStrom! I just ordered a center stand from Motorcycle World, my new gloves and helmet are waiting for me at Daytona, and I’ve been cruising the paved and not paved roads around Kelowna. So far, bears and dear, lakes, curvy roads, and no complaints 😉 😉 😉

NEW RIDERS! This is the time of year you start to think you know everything! Sorry, it’s most likely very far from the truth, so relax, slow down and smell the cow poo! Instead of speed, try and find a good restaurant, a good view, a new hike, and be able to stick around and enjoy the new toy!

Have fun, ride smart, see you at the races!
Thanks, Bernie aka PRSMechanic

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