Message from Bernie – Spring 2012 is here!

That's right, time to get on the road for you/me!
Saturday I should pick up my new VSTROM 650 at Motorcycle World, if I can get my insurance ready, get there in time, etc!

First I need to get the Daytona Party stuff done. This year we raised over $15,000 for BCCH Oncology to support kids with cancer.
It's all on Facebook! Thanks to the PRS students that came out, helped out, donated and helped us help the kids.
Dat and Mark for donating a course, and Rob Goth at Daytona for the gear along with Alex from TAP-Moto. Alex, where's my new gloves??
Thank you very much!

AND.... time to fire up the Maintenance 101 and 201 classes again, starting Sunday at 9am and 2pm.
Need a 101 refresher, now or later, just let me know.

201, work on your own bike with my tools and supervision, let me know!
I cleaned off the list except for a few. Let me know when you're ready, as I only plan them when there's enough interest.


  1. Give drivers a chance to get used to bikes again!
  2. Take the time to go over your bike, set proper tire pressures, etc. Don't be lazy!! What did you put off fixing last year?
  3. Squash the thought about waiting for nice weather for good tires. NOT! Cold wet pavement requires good soft tires to keep your butt in the seat.
  4. The spring and fall are when you need the best tires.
  5. Don't forget about all the grime on the roads too, and that lots of spots won't see any sun for a month or so, and remain slippery all day.
  6. Unless it was clean when you stored her, that old dark oil isn't doing your engine any favors.

A few years under your belt, looking for something more, don't want to be a fool on the streets?

Once again I will be teaching Advanced Rider Training with the West Coast Superbike School.
Don't let the name fool you, it's advanced instruction for street riders. One of the courses will be done in conjunction with PRS.  do it!
Also listed there are the 4 Track Daze, where you get to play (in a controlled fashion ;)) at Mission Raceway.
If you've already taken ART or the Racer Training, come play.

Another way to tune yourself is at Pitt Meadows Track Days.
Again, well run and fun.

Questions, fire away!
Have fun 😉

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