The Status Quo

Where learning just the basics of riding is simply not enough.


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Share your story with us. What brought you to this moment? We can relate your training to you personally and expand on your current experiences.

When life throws you a curve

Lean into it

When life gets you down, remember it's only one down and the rest is up

It is never too late

To live your dreams

Everyone has the ability to ride. Riding is a sport that all can enjoy, and not limited to age, gender or race.

Now is the time to make your dreams a reality!


And achieve your goals

We use innovative techniques combining physical practice and visualization exercises to help you achieve your riding goals.

If you can visualize it, we can make it happen!

New Rider Training

But not elementary

We are more than a basic rider course. We will make your training experience exciting, creative and multidimensional.

Whether you have zero experience, or been riding for years, your practical training will adapt to your progression and challenge you based on your skills.

Train for everything

Overcome anything

We agree that reality riding is more than passing a simple test. We want you to have the necessary skills to identify and control your body overrides, predict and adapt to threats, and to ride in adverse conditions.

Challenge the status quo!

Having Direction

To compose a plan

It is one thing to know where you are headed, and another to know how to get there. Always ask how and why.

We will help you reach a state of awareness where you are able to self-evaluate, compose a plan, and execute your tools to survive on the road.

Alone we can do so little

Together we can do so much

We will work with each of you to reach your full riding potential. Share with us your inner challenges, and we will help you overcome them.

As long as your heart is in it, we will never give up on you!

Welcome to Pacific Riding School

Let us inspire you to want more for yourself…

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization and are committed to continue to adhere to the safest course of action for all students and employees who enter our facility. We encourage our students to bring their own gear however if you don't own motorcycle gear we have health and safety protocols in place, including:

  • Reducing class sizes
  • Sanitizing the inside of the helmets before and after use
  • Sanitizing jackets and gloves
  • End-of-day ozonate of all motorcycle gear used
  • End of each class and end-of-day sanitation procedures for restroom, kitchen and other common surfaces

Dare to be different. Challenge the status quo where learning just the basics of riding is simply not enough.

Whether you ride on the street or off-road, PRS has courses which will give you the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to ride your motorcycle.

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Pacific Riding School is mobile!

Our ICBC Certified MSA Street or Enduro Courses can be conducted in your local community.
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Highlights of Pacific Riding School:

  • Train with Eight-time Supersport Champion Mark Kruger
  • Curriculum developed by Dat Louie, a Graduate of McGill University’s Faculty of Education
  • BMW Motorrad Certified International Instructor (Enduro)
  • Established in the industry since 1995!
  • Motorcycle and safety gear provided for the street course including the first road test
  • Privately owned training facilities
  • Full radio communication between instructor and students during road rides
  • In-house MSA certification
  • Instructors who are certified motorcycle mechanics
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